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Quantamove Elite

Everything you need to share files securely from your company.


per user per month (upto 150 users)

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  •   20GB per file transfer
  •   Custom retention policy
  •   Unlimited file upload requests
  •   Expire share links
  •   Outlook add-in for large file uploads
  •   Custom branding
  •   Password protection
  •   Advanced sharing options
  •   Advanced analytics
  •   Self destruct files
  •   99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA


For enterprises who are already at scale and need a something bigger.


per user per month

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  •   Everything in Quantamove Elite
  •   Dedicated infrastructure
  •   Dedicated Support
  •   Whitelabled Solution
  •   99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA
  •   Unlimited history
  •   SSO & Customization

Still need some clarity?

Here's some more information for you.

What is Quantamove?

Quantamove is a powerful enterprise file-sharing platform that helps people share files with others in a secure and simple way.

Can I try Quantamove for free?

Yes. You can try Quantamove free for 14 (fourteen) days. No restrictions on the features or users.

Is there a discount for Startups and Colleges?

Yes. We are a startup too, and we would love to be with you on this journey. There is a $10/month plan for startups and educational institutions.

Do the subscriptions renew automatically?

Yes. The billing happens every month automagically. You will receive a renewal notice three days before the actual renewal happens. We use the amazing tool called Paddle for processing payments.

Is there a free version of Quantamove?

Not right now. But you can ask for a trial extension from our support team.

Why Quantamove?

Quantamove was created with a major focus on privacy, security and simplicity. Users around the world rely on Quantamove to share confidential files with the ones who are intented to use those files. We see companies use Quantamove as a replacement for FTP and traditional file sharing methods.

Can I self-host Quantamove?

Yes. Only for enterprise customers.

Can I cancel the plan at any time?

It will be a sad day for our team, and we would do whatever it takes to make you our happiest customer. But if you still insist, you can.

How do I contact support for more information?

There are multiple support channels for us. If you prefer email, please write to If you prefer chat support, please click here.