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Improve your creative workflow with Quantamove. Share your large files in seconds, securely request files, and get work done, beautifully.

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With Quantamove, you can easily and securely transfer your enterprise files with people. Transfer up to 20GB per file in one single link. No complications.

Simple, fast & powerful.

Enterprise first

Quantamove was built for the enterprise in mind. We make it easy for employees to share files with third-parties while allowing IT Managers to keep privacy in control.

Above regular networks

Our proprietary technology transfers files 5x faster than normal file transfer protocols.

Manage transfers

Control how long you keep your sharable links alive. Share as a password protected link or an OTP protected link with specific email address.

Sharing & Privacy in tandem.

0% tracking.

We do not want to be tracked. We believe this is the same for our clients as well. No trackers, no screen recorders, nothing that runs without you knowing. What you see is what you get!

TLS 1.2.

When you upload a file, your file is being sent from your local computer to a secure server on the cloud for the person you are sharing with, to download. This transfer is protected by the world's leading TLS 1.2 standards.

Audit logs.

As an IT admin, you are meant to protect the files in your company. You get a detailed audit log on what people have shared and the ability to kill unauthorized file shares. All these, in real-time.


We want to make sure you have complete control over what you use. With Quantamove, you can restrict what domains people can share files with, default expiry times, and so much more.

Simple Pricing.


per user per month

Unlimited file transfers

Up to 20 GB/file

Choose from three file security options

Set expiry time & date

Real-time chat support

Try Quantamove for free

Free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I self-host Quantamove?

Yes. We offer a version of Quantamove the can be hosted on your premisis. The cost, setup and other details can be gathered from our team. Even for the on-premise version of Quantamove, you get free upgrades, every 15 days.

What are you doing to protect files on cloud?

We enforce a very strict hashing and highest standards of encryption to protect your files. We have dedicated security team and consultants to keep a watch on any breach that may occur and protect your files from unauthorized access.

What happens to a file when the link expires?

The second the link to a file expires, the file is securely deleted to make sure there are no traces of the file whatsoever. There is nothing we store beyond the time of link expiry.